Brian Skerry responds to a reader comment - Was the shark about to attack?

Reader Evelyn Cook posted a question for Brian Skerry in the comments section of his most recent post. Here is that question and his response (in blue), written during the journey to Kanton Island.

This shark looks like it is "positioning" in an attack mode? Did you stick around very long?
- Evelyn Cook

(Photo: Brian Skerry)

I'm not sure this shark was preparing to attack, though I must say that all the gray reef sharks in this part of the world seem to be always very hungry and are extremely aggressive and competitive. This animal came in for a few close passes, then moved further away. I stayed alone in the water in this location for maybe 30 - 40 additional minutes and experienced no other aggressive behaviors. But I am sure that if I stayed until it was even darker (after sunset), this shark (and others) would have come in again!


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