Phoenix Islands on IMAX!

Although we still have 2 more stops on our "greatest hits" site, I am going to take a blogger's liberty of another sidetrack to acknowledge the amazing outpouring of support and interest in the Phoenix Islands. Thanks to all who came out on Monday night for the lecture to come meet the expedition members (Greg, Alan, Les, and Randi). The talk was upgraded to the IMAX theatre, which was great fun--50-foot PowerPoint slides!

Special thanks to the students of Souhegan High School in Amherst, New Hampshire for coming; see their earlier posts to the blog here and here.

Les and Greg (left) and Alan and Randi (right) meet with students from Souhegan High School, with teacher Julianne Mueller-Northcott (center; in green). Thanks for coming! (photo: J. Wolman).

We've been back for about three weeks now, and we all miss the Phoenix Islands. Luckily, we can go downstairs to our exhibits to see live corals and giant clams and fishes to remind ourselves of the amazing adventures on the equatorial Pacific.

Pacific Reef Community tank at the New England Aquarium (photo: R. Rotjan)

Stay tuned for the remainder of the greatest hits...

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